An Outstanding Place

We take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our residents, their families, and the community. Read what neighbors and family members have to say!

“Sometimes you are truly blessed enough to find a place where you can take a loved one for the intensive care they need and go home and sleep at night knowing that all is well. I have found such a place for my elderly aunt in Briarwood Manor. It is immaculately clean, delightfully decorated, and a pleasure to be in. The caretakers are exceptionally pleasant and upbeat and seem to know just what to say to deal with difficult times for my aunt. They have been very attentive to both my aunt’s physical and emotional needs. From the pet therapy to the local girl scouts who came to sing to the efforts to get my aunt to recover her oil painting skills, they have gone far beyond my expectations. The administration has kept in very close touch with me and has been entirely responsive to any question I had or need perceived. What an outstanding place!!!”
Romayne Olsommer
“This lovely scene will come alive with owners who are committed to sharing their family with the families of others in their care ... I am glad to have you in our neighborhood.”
State Representative Michael T. Peifer
“My uncle never married and had no children. We always had a special connection. I was like a son; he was like a father. So when it was time to have him taken care of I felt I had to find the perfect place for him. And I did. At Briarwood.
My uncle was an actor all his life-- Broadway, movies, tv. He was used to being in a spotlight. Here at Briarwood I see him loved, respected, and even enjoyed- by the owners and staff alike. He feels the star again!
I alone could never give the high quality of constant care that Briarwood does-- to my uncle and to all their 'guests.' Each is treated like a star!
Briarwood is a beautiful, loving, caring, and wonderfully staffed personal care home. The atmosphere is one of family love and respect.
I recommend it without reservation.”
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